Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life Update, for those who don't know

Here's a life update.  It was meant to be quick but ended up longer than planned.

Fall of 2010 I started grad school at San Jose State University, studying under Dr. Charlene Archibeque.  It was a wonderful opportunity that I am very grateful for!  I learned a lot from her.  However, that year turned out to be full of emotional heartache.  Few people know the reasons or even the full extent of my unhappiness during that year (beginning Summer 2010-Spring 2011).  I don't really like to talk about it in detail because even just remembering it makes me anxious and sad...  In addition to my emotional distress (or maybe because of), I was dealing with some serious health problems.  Grad school + emotional problems + health problems = não divertimento!  (I did ace all my classes though, so that was a good thing)

During that school year I fainted (and came very close to fainting without actually fainting) several times, consistent headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc.  Between March and August of 2011 I had seen 4 different doctors - all told me nothing was wrong with me!  I started my second year of grad school and attended 6 weeks before realizing that my body was sending me signals I could not ignore (I fainted 2 times in that time period alone, had headaches that lasted for days and experienced constant nausea, among other symptoms).  I decided to withdraw from my classes and take a break from school.  I (thankfully!) got out of my lease, packed up my bags and moved home.

I have been living at home with my parents and their foster daughter since October of 2011.  I have seen a few doctors.  The first 3 that I saw truly believed that nothing was wrong with me or told me it was all in my head.  I am now finally seeing a doctor who understands that my symptoms are not normal for a 24 year old (a 45 year old woman, maybe, but not a 24 year old!) and wants to help!  I am still experiencing many of the same symptoms, but a few have lessened, I believe from the rest, relaxation and prayers I've received since being home.

So that about covers it for now.  I am dating Peter, a wonderful man from Brazil.  I am flying down in April to meet his family and his homeland.  He has been here twice to visit and my whole family loves him (or so they tell me...)  I am teaching 8 students - 6 piano and 2 violin - and also a "singing class" for Kinder - 3rd graders.  And I'm trying to figure out what to next... go back to grad school, move to Korea, move to Florida, work at APU again :P

I'd love to hear what you all are up to.  Leave a comment or send me an email!  :)

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