Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

2015 wasn't the best year for my blog.  But I did have a few interesting things happen, in my opinion!
Here's a look back.

Observations after 6 months of living in Alabama.
Wisdom from my mother that I need to be reminded of.
I finally posted pictures from Sugar Loaf!
I shared my experiences with medicine side-effects.
We finally visited the beach!  It's only 70 miles away but takes 2 hours to get there.
We visited a local historical park.  And we took an "adventurous" hike.
"I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere."
"The internet is starting to show me all the things about myself that I didn't know I was supposed to hate."
Art Journal Challenge Week 1 Update.
Art Journal Challenge Week 2 Update.
I found some pretty things to photograph around our neighborhood.
I revisited some pictures from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Art Journal Challenge Week 3 Update.
Art Journal Challenge Week 4 Update.
Art Journal Challenge Week 5 Update.
I made my first vlog!
I made some DIY Glass Lanterns (Dollar Store Craft).
wrote about our love story.
Another Art Journal Challenge Update.
Finally *almost* finished my Brazil photo album.
People are different here...
The travel essential you've never heard of.
I finally made a photo album of our wedding.
Art Journal Update. (lost count at this point)
The pros and cons of growing up in a small town in the middle of nowhere.
Some things I can blame on Rio.
Some of my favorite Art Journal pages.
I tried my first Umba box.
I answered some "would you rather" questions about travel.
We carved some pumpkins!
I got my first "Try the World" box.
I posted my first "picture an hour" of a weekend trip to Michigan.
shared some tips for moving across the country.
I let you know 10 random facts about me.

Whew!  That's a lot more than I expected!  Basically what happens is when I'm working full time I don't blog as much, but over the summer break I cram a lot in!  I hope you had fun revisiting my year-on-the-blog!  Thanks for continuing to read my little corner of the internet.  Here's to many more fun posts in 2016!  My 2016 goals are coming soon.  Hope you have a great New Year!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

10 Random Facts About Me

I haven't had any good ideas for blog posts recently... so I decided to just share some random facts about me.  I enjoy reading these types of posts from the bloggers I follow, so I thought you might enjoy reading this on my blog!


I only watch movies and read books that have happy endings.  I hate suspense, horror, or emotionally manipulative movies.

If I didn't study music I would have enjoyed studying linguistics, history, or art. 

I love brushing my teeth but I LOVE flossing my teeth.

Apparently I'm very blunt, but I really don't think I am!

My favorite place is the beach, but the jungle (rainforest) comes a close second.

I could eat chips and guacamole all day every day.

I get sea-sick from rocking chairs and swings.

I hate the sound of birds and whistling.

I love Bollywood movies.

I hate to cry and hardly ever do.  Maybe like once or twice a year if I'm really really stressed.

I've never broken any bones or had any major surgeries or been hospitalized for any reason.  Does that mean I'm not adventurous enough???  My life is too boring???

What are some random facts about you?


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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tips for moving across the country

Moving overseas and moving across the country are two entirely different beasts.  Unless you have a super fantastic job that will pay for all your relocation costs, moving a long distance can be such a pain and very expensive.  Today I'd like to share with you some tips and lessons learned (from our mistakes) about moving across the country.

Create a budget

This might seem obvious, but it's so important.  You need to know exactly how much money you have available to spend on the trip.  Try to plan your trip for less than what you have budgeted.  That will give you a little cushion for "just in case."  Don't forget to include any expenses you'll have when you arrive (setting up your house, registering your vehicles, stocking your pantry, etc.).  If you think it will take you 3 days to get to your new destination, budget for 5.  You never know when you might have a flat tire, get sick, or be stranded somewhere for longer than expected.

Decide what you really, really, really need to take.  

If you're on the fence, don't bring it.  Sell or donate as much as you can.  What you save in moving expenses can be used to repurchase anything you might need when you arrive.

Micromanage your credit cards

Check your balances often.  Keep an eye on your activity.  Always know how much you have left and how much you will need.

Bring the essentials

I'm talking about a couple rolls of toilet paper, some plastic trash bags, hand soap, and paper towels.  There's nothing worse than arriving at your new apartment with a full bladder and no toilet paper!!!

Don't forget about your medicine

Make sure your medicine and other important items are easily accessible.  Also make sure your prescriptions are up-to-date and that they are easily transferrable.  Have your doctor and pharmacy in your phone contacts.

Have you moved across country?  Do you have any other tips to share?