Friday, November 27, 2015


Don't forget about the ceramic nativity set that my dad makes by hand.  Would make a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor.  Order now to receive it in time for Christmas!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Try the World || The Spain Box

I'm back with another box from Try the World - the subscription company that sends you gourmet food from around the world!  My first review was of the Paris box, and to summarize, I didn't feel it was worth the price.  But I decided to give it one more try.  The weird thing is that their website claims you will get a box every 2 months, but I received mine two months in a row...?  Hmmm...

Here is what I received in the Spain box:

Each box comes with a little booklet of information about Spain, as well as some recipes.  I am excited to try the Patatas Bravas recipe pictured above.  I do anticipate using the jams, olive oil, tomato spread, cake, and candy this week during Thanksgiving.  We are having some friends visit and I know they will help us finish off this box!

This subscription box is such a cute and fun idea, and I love finding out what is in each box each month.  However, I can't justify the price.  We are currently trying to get out of debt, and every little bit saved counts.  Ultimately I'm glad I gave this company a try, but I will probably not be continuing with my subscription.  Keep in mind that this would make a really fun gift for someone - Christmas is coming soon!

I would like to give one of my loyal readers a chance to receive the Spain box for free.  All you have to do is pay the $5 for shipping (at this time they only ship to addresses within the US and US territories).  If you'd like to enter to win a free Spain box, make sure you are subscribed to my blog and then leave me a comment letting me know your most favorite food.  (Mine is probably chips and guacamole and/or cinnamon rolls.)  I will notify the winner next Sunday, the 29th of November.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A picture an hour

This past weekend we went to Michigan for a friend's wedding.  I thought about doing a vlog, but I wasn't planning on bringing my computer and I knew I would run out of phone memory.  So instead I decided to take one photo every hour.

Here's our first day in Grand Rapids, by the hour:

8am - At the airport waiting for our plane.

9am - The view out our plane window.

10am - Still on the plane and not sure how we feel about it

11am - We made it to Grand Rapids and picked up a tasty snack (London Fog and Coffee Cake for me)

12pm - Peter's best friend's mom picked us up and took us to run some errands, such as picking up some items for the wedding, as well as picking up Peter's tux.

1pm - We took a drive-by tour of downtown Grand Rapids

2pm - We made it back to the house and relaxed with Netflix (Pictured is an episode of Sherlock).

3pm - Peter and his best friend.

4pm - A spot of tea to keep us warm.  We were not used to 30 degree weather!  It's still in the high 70s in Alabama!

5pm - Fully naked trees.  Also something that's not a familiar site down south.

6pm - I took a much needed nap and failed to get a picture.

7pm - We were going out for dinner and I could not get a cute picture.  They're all blurry because Peter and his friend were making me laugh too much.  This was the best I could get.

8pm - Dinner! (Thai friend rice)

9pm - Back at the house, back with Netflix!

And that's pretty much where it ends.  We went to bed early that night.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I will soon be posting a bit more about the trip.  It was a great time to catch up with friends and take a little break from school!


Friday, November 6, 2015

November umba box || review

You can read my first Umba box review here.  To summarize my first review, I thought the box was too expensive for the items I received.  But I decided to give them a second chance, and I now have the exact same opinion.  You pay $25 plus $5 shipping, so $30 for these boxes.  They send one box per month and the items are guaranteed to be "worth" more than $25 per box.  Well, that's questionable.  Again, I understand that these are handmade goods, and I appreciate them for their artistic value, but I wouldn't pay full prices for any of these items.  See the following pictures for details of what was in my second box:

I put my hand in there for size comparisons.

Well, on a whole I'd say these products are not worth the price I paid for this box.  However, it is super fun to receive a box of surprises every month.  So now I'm torn... it's fun to see what I will get, and I do enjoy the items (and will probably use them or give them as gifts), but on the other hand, it's not worth the money.

What would you do?  Would you try a subscription?  Or do you think the products aren't worth the price?  Let me know below!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Let's get to know each other

I found these questions on Crumbs in the Bed and I thought they were a fun way to get to know the blogger a bit better.  So I decided to answer them myself!  Apparently it's a tag type of post, and nobody tagged me, but I think it's ok, I'll do it anyway.  Rebel like that... ;)

1. What was your first pet and what was it called? (If you have never had one, would you like one and what?)
A cat, named "gato." I was so creative as a 2 year old.  Aside from the cat we had for a couple of years when I was a baby, I've always had dogs and I love them so much.  Dogs are the best.  Have I told you about my dog?  He's so cute.  Wanna see a picture?  (aka very conversation I have with every person... I'm kinda obsessed about my dog right now...)

2. Online shopping or shopping in person?
Depends what it's for.  I HATE trying on clothes, so I'd rather buy them online.  But then there's the pesky business of them not always fitting when they arrive...  I love shopping in person for accessories and makeup.

3. If you could live in any fiction TV show, what would it be and why?
Friends.  Because Friends.

4. Do you know your heritage/ where your ancestors are from?
Ireland and South Korea.

5. What was one of your best experiences in life so far?
Getting married.  Aww mushy gushy.  It's been the best, though.  Good decision.  

6. Sweet or savory?
Most of the time I'll go for savory and crunchy.  Popcorn is the best.  But I can never turn down a cinnamon roll...

7. You are in charge of your country for one day. What law do you change, abolish or bring in?
Hm this one is hard.  There are so many things!  Kerri (from Crumbs in the Bed) said she would abolish smoking and I really like that answer.  Or I think I'd make the driver's test harder.  There are so many horrible, bad drivers these days.  It's like they don't even know what they're doing!  Your car has blinkers, people!  Use them!

8. What 3 things do you like most about yourself?
My hair (which I would not have answered 10 years ago...), my eyes, and that I look decent without makeup on.

No Makeup, except now that I look closer one half of my lips have lipstick... because I was testing the color in comparison to my natural lipstick color.  Oh well, close enough to makeup-free.

9. When do you feel most afraid?
When I'm in a confined space (claustrophobia) or when I don't know what's going to happen (ex. driving a long distance and not knowing where I'm going, scary movies, etc.)

10. Do you have any bad habits? (Tell the truth!)
I burp and fart out loud.  Not in public, but at home.  My husband hates it.

11. When you wish upon a star, what do you wish for?
I haven't done that in so long.  When I was younger I think I would wish for friends.  I think now I would wish for contentment.

The sun is technically a star, right?

I tag everyone!  I'd love to know how you'd answer these questions.
Leave your answers in the comments, or if you do a blog post, leave a link below!