Monday, April 9, 2012

A few days in Brazil

We arrived at 7am on Friday morning.  We spent the day napping and resting.  We watched some Planet Earth, we walked around the neighborhood, but mostly we just chilled.  

The next day, Saturday, we went to Embu, which is an adorable part of Sao Paulo that is mostly a tourist trap.  :)  There are lots of little stores with souvenirs, traditional Brazilian handicrafts, etc.  It is a really nice place.  

I got a few pictures but my camera is not liking SD cards at the moment and I only have a little bit of internal memory.  So most of my photos were taken on Peter's camera, which is too low on battery to upload right now.  So here are a few that I took with my camera, the quality is not great, sorry!
A church



He was trying to sing in English :)

Random graffiti 

They were as motionless as statues.  If you dropped a coin in the bucket (not pictured), they would reach in and deliver what I assume is some sort of blessing or fortune. 

Clay pots

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