Monday, April 8, 2013

New Hobby

So Peter and I recently discovered a new hobby that leaves us in tears of laughter.

Go to blogs or websites that are not in English and read the translation that google provides.  It's hilarious.

ZieĊ„ his muses designing dresses. And I'll Cuba designed a granola, granola because our sign is a signal.

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For some time I come back from holidays with a raised brow competent person, who managed to leave the stomach with a defensive battle with the Christmas food. Although the Easter table is bowed, and everything was more than delicious clever maneuvering between successive cold kept me from indigestion and anorexia - typical diseases holiday period.

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Dear readers,
healthy, happy and colorful. And to be the snow melted. I did not hurt that the bellies of overeating :) I wish this all and myself. To read just after Christmas!

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The excerpts above come from a blog that has delicious-looking recipes and gorgeous pictures.  She is living in Prague and writing in Polish, from what I understand by piecing together the translations... Google translator is helpful, but let's hope it's never used for official business.  ;)

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