Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fear of "settling down"

Lately I've been experiencing the "Great Fear of Settling Down."

I know, I know... For a long time I've been anxiously awaiting the day I could settle down.  But now that we live in an affordable place and it looks like we could actually afford a house in the near future, I'm starting to get cold feet.

Houses are very affordable here, especially now that we have two incomes.  We've been driving around and finding our favorites, looking at realty websites, and having general discussions about if or when we want to buy a house (first we have to buy furniture, a new bed, pay off my student loans, and get some money in savings... so it wouldn't be any time soon).

But I'm freaked out.

I'm afraid of getting "stuck."

There are so many new places I want to see and experience.

Can I be content with just visiting other countries?  Do I actually want to live overseas again?

Our jobs, salaries, and benefits are so great here... Peter has been mentioning that wouldn't mind staying here forever.

But I don't think I can commit anywhere for forever.  Or maybe I've just not found the perfect place yet?

Do any of you know what I mean?  Or am I just crazy?  Does everyone long for a home of their own?  A place to settle in and raise a family?  Am I just the crazy one that gets freaked out of that sort of "commitment?"

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