Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The South - Second Impressions

Moving to The South - Second Impressions.

Alabama is unlike anywhere I've ever been.  We might all speak English, but do we really speak the same language?

For example, here are two words: College Football.

To me, college football means, well, not much.  I don't really keep up with it, and I don't really care to.  Go Trojans!  Go Fighting Irish (that's Notre Dame, right?)!  Go ... um ...team that happens to be playing!  If a game happens to be on, I'll watch it.  But isn't professional football what really matters anyway?  I love watching the Super Bowl.  That makes me a football fan, right?

College football is to Alabamians what soccer is to Brazilians.  It's what they live and breathe.  It's borderline sacrilegious.  In the same breath you can be invited to their church and then "evangelized" on why ______ (Auburn or Alabama) is better.  I've been told, by coworkers, that they're working on "converting" me to becoming an _____ (Auburn or Alabama) fan.

I offended quite a few people the other day when I said that I am passionate about things in life that actually matter.  They replied that that, too, is subjective.  Silly me, how could I forgot that college football players are saving lives, eliminating poverty and hunger, caring for the orphans, serving the needy, and protecting and defending our country?  Oh, wait...

Ok, ok, I digress.

But, seriously.  Alabama... Auburn... I don't care.  I really don't care.  But let's just keep that between you and me, shall we?  Otherwise I might soon be out of a job and/or friends.




P.S. Ok, ok, if you MAKE me choose, I pick Alabama... but that's only because I like maroon better than orange.  And also because I went to a conference at Alabama and their choral room was a-mazing.  Of course, I haven't yet been to Auburn's campus, so it's not really fair then, is it?  So we're back where we started...

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