Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Goals

1.  Save another $500.  This is going to be difficult because we moved to a new house and had to pay a huge security deposit, plus first month's rent, plus our rent for our current place doesn't expire until Feb. 9th so we have to pay a prorated amount for that... so we have lots of housing payments this month.  We are going to try to save as much as possible.

2.  Make our new house feel like home.  Hang pictures, decorate, cozy-it-up!  We need to buy a couch, a couple of dressers, night stands, and more... but I'm not sure if that's going to happen this month.

3.  No sugar.  Period.  I have been eating waaaay too much sugar these days.  I seriously need to stop eating sweets!

4.  Go through the Blogilates Beginner's Calendar.  No more excuses.  I need to get in shape!  It's either buy bigger clothes or get in shape so my clothes fit again!  And since I can't afford to buy clothes, I guess I have to work out...

I think that's all for this month!  What are your February goals?


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