Thursday, March 26, 2015


I've been hearing the verb, "To Make," quite a lot recently.

"The class didn't 'make' [because not enough students signed up for it]."  


"Go to the gym to have your picture 'made' [for the yearbook]."

Is this a Southern thing?  I've never heard it used like this before.  

So what do you think?  Do you say that you want to have your picture "made" or "taken?"  Do you think your dinner party didn't "make" because no one showed up?

One of my friends told me that sometimes we, who are not from here, like to blame everything on being "Southern" when in fact it is just not something we, individually, are aware of.  In other words, it probably isn't "Southern," it just isn't something familiar to us, therefore it must be "Southern."  Such as having separate dish and hand towels, or using the verb "to make" in the weirdest ways.

This is just one of many... interesting... quirks I've noticed about Alabama.  I'll be back to write more, later.  Right now I have to go make brownies for my class tomorrow.


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