Monday, May 25, 2015

Thoughts || Friendship

Moving to a new place is hard.  It's difficult to make new friends, especially when everyone else has known each other since they were born.  One of the hardest things I ever had to do was graduate from college, and leave the place where I found love and acceptance, people who understood me; where I found confidence (and my identity, in a way); where I became an adult.  But when I moved to a new city, found new friends, forged new relationships... and then I moved again.

And now I find myself at an awkward stage in life, where friendships are more difficult to create.  I'm not in any young college-age cliques, but I'm also not in the early motherhood stage, where most people my age are.  I find myself missing my friends and family back home, missing the people who truly know me and understand me.  I try to convince myself that true friendship goes beyond proximity and age, that the friendships I've created will last forever, and that new ones will develop eventually.  

I have to believe that true friendship is sometimes difficult to find, but when you do discover a kindred spirit, you will be friends forever, regardless of where you live or when you get to see each other.

What's your advice for making and/or keeping friendships?

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