Friday, November 6, 2015

November umba box || review

You can read my first Umba box review here.  To summarize my first review, I thought the box was too expensive for the items I received.  But I decided to give them a second chance, and I now have the exact same opinion.  You pay $25 plus $5 shipping, so $30 for these boxes.  They send one box per month and the items are guaranteed to be "worth" more than $25 per box.  Well, that's questionable.  Again, I understand that these are handmade goods, and I appreciate them for their artistic value, but I wouldn't pay full prices for any of these items.  See the following pictures for details of what was in my second box:

I put my hand in there for size comparisons.

Well, on a whole I'd say these products are not worth the price I paid for this box.  However, it is super fun to receive a box of surprises every month.  So now I'm torn... it's fun to see what I will get, and I do enjoy the items (and will probably use them or give them as gifts), but on the other hand, it's not worth the money.

What would you do?  Would you try a subscription?  Or do you think the products aren't worth the price?  Let me know below!


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