Saturday, January 14, 2017

Health Update

The other day I put out a prayer request on Facebook because I was going to the doctor and I was desperate for them to find an answer.  Many people were concerned and I wanted to update everyone but felt like this was too much to put on Facebook.  So here it is.

I've been going to the doctors for several years suspecting either a thyroid disorder or an autoimmune disorder and they keep telling me I'm "fine."  But lately my symptoms have gotten worse and worse.  I wake up after 8 - 9 hours of sleep still feeling exhausted.  I work a normal day and feel relatively ok during the day.  Sometimes I feel tired in the afternoons, but I'm able to work 8 - 9 hours a day.  But as soon as I get home I "crash."  I can't do anything.  My head will ache, my body will ache, and I can barely get up the energy to eat dinner and take my dog on a short walk.  All I can do is lie in bed.  (This is not every day.  But it is the majority of days.)

The doctors always an excuse.  "You're just stressed," or "You're just paranoid..."

I don't think this is normal.  I'm not stressed or depressed.  All my blood work is "normal," yet something is not right.  I can just tell.  I think people can tell when their body is not quite right.  I was put on a 30-day hear monitor after my most recent appointment (I've been having tachycardia and palpitations, but again my stress test and ecco all came back as "normal..."), and I've been referred to a rheumatologist due to possible irregular ANA results.  I always thought I had low thyroid, but now I'm suspecting it might be high.  My TSH levels were on the low side and my T3 levels were on the high side (of "normal...")... and those are indicative of hyperthyroid. I also have EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM of hyperthyroid (except for weight loss... I'd be in the 10% of people who actually gain weight with hyperthyroid...).

I'm thinking I might have to travel several hours to find an endocrinologist that will see me without a referral, since my general practitioner seems to think my thyroid is "normal" and won't refer me.  

Anyway long story short is that I'm finally at my wits end about this.  I'm emotionally exhausted and anyone who knows me knows that I don't cry easily and I very rarely let myself cry.  I can tell you the exact last time I cried, and it was in May of 2015...  So the fact that I'm sitting in bed about to cry my eyes out is a big deal... The fact that I'm posting it on Facebook is a big deal...

(I have to say that my husband has been amazing throughout this.  He has been so helpful and empathetic.  I am very grateful.)

So that's the update.  Thanks for reading and thanks for caring.  And if you're the praying type, I'd really appreciate if you'd remember me in your prayers.

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