Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Oh, Baby! Update

As you know, we've had an eventful fall.  To be honest, I've been in survival mode. Working full time while pregnant is not easy! I have a few posts planned on pregnancy updates, mostly just because there are some things I don't want to forget (especially if I ever find myself saying, "I want to be pregnant again." Spoiler alert - I don't! It's miserable...)... But in the meantime, we are happy to announce that...

We were honestly shocked. We seriously thought it was a boy! I'm carrying very low, I've had headaches and other aches and pains... We also had a boy name picked out... and little boy clothes are so much cuter than little girl clothes. So we were very surprised to find out it's a girl! But we are happy nonetheless. I'm excited to share with her all the fun things I did as a little girl with my mom - tea parties, Betsy-Tacy, Anne of Green Gables, lots of crafts, etc. And my husband is excited to have a little daddy's girl to adore! 

Now comes the hard part - picking a name!  At least we have a few more months to figure that out!


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