Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Share-day

I follow a variety of blogs, for varying reasons.  I thought it would be nice to share several blogs that I recommend you check out.  You won't be disappointed!

For DIY and Lifestyle:

#1. - A Beautiful Mess is a very successful website (blog).  They get over 5 million hits in one month.  They have over 40,000 subscribers, so they must be doing something right!  This site is run by two sisters.  They share diy projects, recipes, home decor, and lots of random stuff.  It's pretty awesome, check it out!


#2. - I just found Ellinee today and I'm obsessed.  Party ideas, decoration ideas, tutorials, tons of free printables!  Free printables!!!!! You need to subscribe to this blog!

#3. - New Dress a Day is a blog I've been following for probably 2 years.  She takes cheap, thrift store dresses and turns them into wearable, wonderful new outfits.  It's really quite amazing.  

#4. - The Spotten Fox is a blog I've just started getting into.  I like browsing her posts for inspiration.  I also really like how her website is designed.  

#5. - I like this blog specifically for her hand lettering posts.  I would really love to practice hand lettering, but alas, that must be saved for after grad school!  So instead I read blogs and gather inspiration for when I have more free time!

I hope you are inspired!  As always...



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I am in no way receiving compensation or recognition from the artists or anyone else affiliated with him/her or his/her website. 

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