Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend Wedding Adventures

My friend from college got married yesterday and I was a bridesmaid!  Her wedding was really beautiful, and we all had a fun time!  Peter came with me but didn't bring his nice camera, so the only pictures I got were on my phone.  Here are some snapshots from the weekend!

Guess that's what you call the "golden hills of California."  Peter thinks it's beautiful.  I just see dead grass = fire.

Cute table centerpieces from the rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal dinner.

I love bookshelf decorations in the "getting-ready room" at the wedding venue.

The cutest champagne and beer bottles you will ever see... Also in the "getting-ready room."


The back of her dress is to die for!

Order of ceremony.

The wagon that carried the "flower girl."  It was pulled by the "ring bearer." 

A candle and the bridesmaids' bouquets served as decorations for our table.

Their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Brown.  I snapped the picture right as the wedding photographer was photographing them, hence the crazy flash.

Two happy couples!

I didn't catch the bouquet... but we look nice anyway.  I love the color of the dress!  

The rest of my long weekend will be spent doing homework, and lots of it!  What have you done this weekend?  Any fun plans for tomorrow?  :)



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  1. Looks really nice! I love your dress! very flattering and great color!


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