Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Big Idea

I wanted to share with you an idea that I've had brewing for quite some time, a decade at least.  (Many of you already know about this...)  

I can't fully commit to this full-time, or even part-time, until I finish Grad school and get married.  However, there is nothing stopping me from thinking and planning!!! :) 

I have always wanted to combine my two passions: music and overseas ministry.  My idea is this:

- Start an organization that partners with existing children's ministries (orphanages, projects, etc.) around the world to host music camps
My organization would be in charge of sending teams to run the music camps, along with providing curriculum and training for the teams
- The long-term goal is to have several camps happening in several different countries (sending multiple teams out each year)

I have already began planning, coming up with a mock Mission Statement, long-term goals, start-up needs, etc.  Peter is going to help with designing logos, creating applications and documents, etc.  I know this is going to be a HUGE time and financial commitment, so I'm trying really hard to hold my horses until after I finish this semester and get married.  However, I think that once we get married and settled in to wherever we'll be, I will go at this full force!  My goal is to take one team to South America Summer (2014).

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  1. Wow good luck with that!!! Such great plans!


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