Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Update - June 2013

1.  Wedding is in 27 days

Whatever happens, it will be better than this:

or this:

2.  Peter and I are driving to Brawley this Friday (and Saturday)!  

We are taking CPH (Hwy 1) because it's so pretty and we want to stop and take pictures.  But it will add several hours to our trip...  Will let you know if it was worth it, but I can guess it probably will be!!!  Big Sur is beautiful and I'm so excited for Peter to experience it!

3.  We are both unemployed and broke, so we will be crashing at my parents' house until, and possibly after, the wedding.  

We have no idea how long it will be until we find jobs, which means we have no idea how long it will be until we can afford to rent.  After the wedding we will probably stay at my parents' or my sisters' house until we have enough money to rent our own place.  We would love to come back to the Bay Area, but the cost of living is so expensive that, realistically, we probably own't be able to.  This is a bummer because I have 8 wonderful students that I am sad to leave.

4.  This year was awesome.

I am so glad that Peter convinced me to finish my Master's degree.  I met some amazing people that have become best friends.  I am so glad that I got to study with Dr. Benson.  I learned so much from him.  I rediscovered my passion for music, and I am finally a Master!

5.  Peter and I will both be looking for jobs in the Imperial Valley for the time being.

We will also keep applying everywhere else.  We are willing to relocate.  We would love to live in San Diego.  We would both love to move to Brazil.  I am really hoping a job in Rio opens up.

So that is my life right now.  Trying not to stress... trying to think of it as an "exciting adventure" (as everyone keeps telling me it is), but it's very difficult to think about starting a marriage broke and living in your sister's spare bedroom... 

Oh yes, before I forget... We have come to realize that finding a job is all about who you know.  Therefore I will tell you what kinds of jobs we want and you will let me know if you hear of anything! :)

Desired Job: Professor of Music at a Community College, or Music Teacher at a private k-12 school, or Director of Community Choir, or Director of Church Music
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Music Education, Master's Degree in Choral Conducting, much experience

Desired Job: Editor of a publication of some sort, Communications staff at a church, Web and Graphic Designer for a church, freelance web and graphic design
Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in Technical Writing, experience

Let me know if you have any questions or advice.  As always, thanks for reading!

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