Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moving to Brazil

Here is the story about our upcoming move to Brazil.


March 2013 - Peter applied for a position at Rio International School (RIS).  He had an interview with the director and the high school principle.  They seemed very interested.

April 1 20130 - Peter sent follow-up email to director and principle and heard nothing back.

April - June 2013 - We heard not once single peep from RIS.  So we assumed that they didn't want or need us.

June 29 2013 - We received email from RIS director that he wanted to talk to us about working at RIS.

July 1 2013 - We spoke with the director via skype and he seemed to want to hire both of us.

July 4 2013 - We received an email from the director with job proposals for both Peter and me.

July 4-5 2013 - We sent many emails with questions and need for clarification.

July 6 2013 - We accepted the job.

Looking at Rio from the East, facing West.  We will be in Barra de Tijuca, which is in the south part of Rio


Peter will be teaching yearbook, 7th pre-algebra, 8th algebra, 7th and 8th science.  RIS will not be able to hire me (Julie) until the Spring semester, when the current music teacher will go on maternity leave.  I will then teach full-time music.  We have no idea what the music program currently looks like.  The director is very honest, seems easy to work with, and is open to new ideas.  If Peter and I decide to stay after next year, I have a feeling I will be redoing their entire music program (which would be awesome!).

Peter's job starts August 1st.  Our wedding is in 2 weeks and we need to fly to Rio in 3 weeks.  We are still waiting to hear back confirmation on how to purchase flights (the school is helping pay for one flight only), what the living situation will be (the school has an apartment we could rent but we need to see it first before deciding if it is worth the money), and what items we need to bring with us (kitchen supplies, etc).

These next few weeks are going to be CRAZY, what with dress fittings, finalizing wedding details, organizing our stuff to store and pack, family and friends coming in for the wedding, and figuring out money issues.  But we are super excited!

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