Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sand fleas - a trip down memory lane

A couple of weeks ago I got a bite on my foot that itched for hours before I realized what it was.  It was a pesky little sand flea bite.  Actually, I'm not sure what the real name of the bug is, but both times I've been bit have been in sand, so I figure that's close enough.  These bites are about the size of mosquito bites, with a weird blood bubble at the top, and they itch like cah-razy!!!

Ok, so now it's two weeks later, I have this one little bite on my foot that's driving me crazy, itching so bad it's overtaking my entire foot!  And I suddenly realize why this seems so familiar... 

(I only have one bite right now and I'm about to go crazy.  How did I cope three years ago when that happened???)

Remember this post about how much I love the jungle?  Yes, well I definitely don't love these bug bites.  How could I forget something like this?!?!  Well, I decided something about traveling overseas:  It's like going through childbirth (ok, I've never been through childbirth, but I think I've heard enough about it to use it in an analogy).  

So when you go through childbirth it's crazy and painful and you swear you're never ever going to let your husband even look at you ever again.  Yet, somehow, a year or two later, there you are in the hospital giving birth again.  Maybe the joy of your baby (or maybe the post pregnancy hormones) made you forget the delivery and recovery.  

Well that's how it is traveling overseas - you swear you're never going to endure the long flights, exhaustion, crazy food, upset stomachs, and weird bugs (and bug bites).  Yet the excitement of new places to see, yummy food to try (regardless of how it affects your intestines), amazing people to meet, and fun things to do make you forget about the painful experiences.  

And pretty soon, a year after you've sworn off airplanes forever (for the 10th time), there you are, living in Brazil, scratching your foot, and remembering the last time you were in the jungle...

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