Monday, October 21, 2013

My Wedding Cake

Here it is, three months later, and I'm still posting pictures of my wedding!  It's fun to relive it and look at the pictures again, because we currently don't have any on display yet!

As with most things about my wedding, I didn't want the cake to be super traditional.  I don't particularly like cake (although I don't not like it), and I felt that a huge, multi-tiered cake wouldn't be appropriate for the setting and theme of the wedding.  I decided that instead of providing expensive cake (and, let's be honest, most people don't actually like wedding cake, do they?), we would serve other types of desserts.  We had multiple types of cookies, lemon bars and brownies.  Actually, to be completely honest, I didn't even eat anything at my wedding, so I'm not even sure what types of desserts we ended up with!!!  We had to have at least one small cake for us to cut and feed each other, because that was one of the few "traditional" wedding reception things we did!

I decided on wedding decor that included lots of roses.  When I stumbled upon this pin, I knew I wanted to include a rosebud cake:

tiny cake, from Objetivo Cupcake Perfecto

I also knew that it needed to be gluten-free, since I would be eating it.  So I found this recipe for Brown Butter Strawberry Cake via the gorgeous blog, Roost.

My mom actually made the cake and a bakery in Brawley decorated it!

I think it turned out perfectly beautiful!

The great thing about making your own wedding cake is that it will be super easy to recreate in the following years!  You can make exactly what you had on your wedding day any time you feel like reliving the moment!

Would you (or have your mom) make your own wedding cake???

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