Friday, March 14, 2014

Travel Outfits - 3 ideas

Earlier this week I mentioned that I would be posting pictures of the Cathedral in Petropolis (the only thing that was open the day we went).  However, every time I think about posting them, I realize that the pictures are on Peter's flash drive, which is connected to Peter's keys.  So I have to wait until he gets home to upload them, and by then I'm so caught up in teaching my students, getting dinner ready, cleaning the house before my evening student comes, etc, that I forget about the pictures!  So, I will upload them this weekend and share them next week.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some travel-outfit ideas I put together via Asos' Fashion Finder.  It's a really cool tool that lets you search styles and put outfits together.  It saves all the individual items you've collected and creates an easy shopping list (which is especially convenient to order online).  Not going to lie, it's quite fun and addicting! :) 

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Outfit #1:  The most practical way to dress when traveling
Comfortable pants, loose-fitting blouse (layer over a tank or cami), scarf, slip-on boat shoes, large bag

Outfit #2: A stylish, comfortable way to travel:
Feminine dress, soft cardigan, cute shoes, medium bag, bow necklace

Peter told me the bag looks like a granny bag... what do you think?

#3: How I wish I could look when I travel:
Flirty dress over leggings, boots, blazer, sparkly necklace, clutch

What's your ideal travel outfit?



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