Friday, July 25, 2014

Reenacting Our Wedding

As many of you know, Peter and I just had our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!  Woohoo!  We made it!  haha!  Actually it seems like we've been married forever, but at the same time, it seems like our wedding was just yesterday.  So much has happened this past year.  Eight days after our wedding we moved to Rio de Janeiro.  A few weeks ago we moved back to the U.S., and in less than 2 weeks we are moving to Alabama.  This California girl might have more culture shock in the deep South than in Brazil!  :)

To celebrate our anniversary, we spent the day in San Diego.  My family lives a couple of hours away from San Diego, in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.  It is expected to reach 115 degrees this week, so we were so grateful for a day in beautiful San Diego.

Get ready for an overload of pictures.  The day was just toooo beautiful.  The sky and water were so blue, the grass so green, the weather absolute perfection.  All of these photos were taken with my phone and remain unfiltered and unprocessed.

I wish it had been so vibrant the day we got married, but, alas, it was a little gray.

The wedding day, one year ago:

The anniversary:

The professional photograph:

The amateur selfies:


Lying on our beach towels and admiring the tree and sky:

Peter prepared a picnic.  It was adorable and yummy:

Our picnic spot:

Our view while picnicing:

After our picnic, we headed over to Seaport Village, which is probably my favorite place in San Diego.  They have amazing little shops, views, and the weather and atmosphere was perfect.

This is a restaurant at Seaport Village, photo from my Instagram.

Another selfie:

A human statue.  We gave him a dollar.

There's a small pond in Seaport Village, and I found these adorable baby ducks hanging out with their mom.  So cute!

I wish my family lived closer than 2 hours to San Diego - I wish they lived IN San Diego!  Wouldn't that be amazing!

We had such a fun anniversary celebration.  Thanks for letting me share my pictures with you.  

Which selfie should we print and frame?



P.S. Who is interested in hearing our "love" story?  We met online and had a long distance relationship while Peter lived in Brazil.  Should I do a post about it?

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