Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fresh Start

Everyone has grand ambitions for the New Year.  I will post my 2015 goals later this week, but for now I wanted to share a few things I am doing to bring in the new year with a fresh start.  These are simple things that make me feel 100 times better.

Clean the house
Just like I don't like returning from vacation to a dirty house, I don't like starting a new year with a dirty house.  It's time to dust and vacuum, sort and purge.  I also like to make sure I get all my laundry done and have clean bedsheets!

Clean my makeup brushes
Another task that often gets overlooked during the festive season is cleaning your makeup brushes!  Too many parties, too many outings, too many late nights... and the makeup keeps piling on.  Start the new year with clean makeup brushes and you will feel much better about life!

Drink some water
How many sweets, drinks, and very large meals have we consumed over the holidays?  Even though New Year's Eve is another excuse to party, make sure you drink lots of water!  For every glass of non-water that I drink, I try to balance it out with a glass of water.

Rest up
Sleep is the best.

Use all the products you got for Christmas - bath soak, body lotion, face mask, etc.  Shave your legs.  Even if you're wearing pants every single day, you will feel better if you shave your legs!

What do you do to make the new year fresh?


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