Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Parade of lights in San Diego

We flew in around 3:30pm, my parents picked us up, and we and were going to meet up with my aunt and uncle at 5pm. We had a bit of time to spare so we decided to head over to Seaport Village. It's one of my favorite places in San Diego. The line to park was sooo long so we asked the attendant what was going on. He said the Parade of Lights was happening that evening. None of us had ever seen it, so we promptly called my aunt and asked if she wouldn't mind meeting us there instead. She agreed! So we had an early dinner and then walked to the edge of the water to watch the boats go by. The weather was perrrrrrfect and the atmosphere was so fun! 

Upon arriving in San Diego I immediately felt relaxed and happy. It just has that effect on me. I felt home and happy. 

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! 


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