Saturday, April 18, 2015

Local Tourism - Landmark Park, Part 2

Continuing with pictures from our time at Landmark Park.  After we browsed the historical buildings, we went in search of nature.  We wandered around and saw a beautiful gazebo, a sun dial, and then finally asked a worker about where to find the trail that goes around what looked like a lake on the map.  It's actually more of a swampy area.  The worker told us that the trail was "very adventurous" and we should be very careful... (she obviously hasn't been to the Amazon, hiked Wayna Picchu, or lived in Rio.)  But we assured her we would be very careful.

I really love trees, so I took lots of pictures of trees!

The very adventurous trail

After a long meander through the woods, we ended the day back in the drugstore where we ordered a root beer float, and the lady gave us change out of this vintage machine.  So fun!

Stay tuned for some pictures from a day trip we took to Seaside, Florida.


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