Thursday, April 30, 2015

Local Tourism - Seaside, FL

You may be familiar with Seaside, Florida, if you've ever seen the movie The Truman Show.  They used the unique architecture of the town as the set for the movie, though in real life it looks completely different.

We had heard rave reviews about Seaside, and we've been meaning to go for awhile.  Spring break seemed like a great time.  We were pretty dumb, though, because we went when I had just caught a nasty cold, and Peter was fighting off a bug as well.  So we didn't enjoy it as much as we would have.  It's a two hour drive from Dothan, and when we started out I felt fine, but once we got there, the body aches and fever really hit me.  So we didn't stay for very long.

Overall I was somewhat disappointed with the town.  There are a ton of homes and condos, but not much in the way of shopping.  I was expecting more of a Laguna Beach (CA) type of feeling, but it was more of a residential place.  Also, every building is solid white or very pale pastel colors... which got a little tiring on the eyes.  I actually didn't get many pictures of the town itself because I didn't find it to be very inspiring.  The few shops that are there are very expensive.  There are some good places to eat, but again, very expensive, and only one restaurant has an ocean view, due to the high dunes that are covered with bushes.

HOWEVER, the beach is gorgeous.  The water is crystal clear, the sand is white and smooth, and the sky is vivid blue.

All photos are taken with my iphone and most are not edited because I don't have any fancy technology.  :(

Smiling through the body aches and fevers

The dunes that are covered with shrubbery

Pathway to/from the beach

We did find one small park area that was super cute.  Sadly, it was a Sunday, and most of the stores in this area were closed.

View from the second story of a book shop, overlooking the amphitheater which is a popular picnic spot

Peter's shoes make for a great hands-free beverage transporter

Crystal clear water

We went in March and it was still pretty chilly.  The highs were in the mid-60s, which is too cold to swim, in my opinion.

Even though we didn't fall in love with the town, we will probably go back once summer hits and it starts to get really hot in Dothan.  A 2 hour drive isn't bad, although we do miss the days of living a 10 minute walk from the beach!

Thanks for reading!  Sorry the posts have been so sporadic lately.  I've been super busy with work.  I am also working on a new website that I hope to launch once school is out for the summer.  The plan is to change the name of this blog (to better reflect the travel and lifestyle aspect of it) and transition the "alone with my tea" brand into something else... I've been mulling it over for a few years and have finally decided to do it... more details to come soon, I hope!


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