Saturday, June 20, 2015

Art Journal || Week 4 || Update

As with most challenges I give myself, I'm beginning to run out of steam.  I haven't worked in my art journal every day this week, but I did manage to fill up a few pages.

The plan for the art journal was to treat it more like an actual journal - decorate the pages and then write in them.  But that hasn't seemed to happen.  I find myself using it more for sketching, planning ideas, and painting pictures.

Sometimes I feel like doing art is a privilege and a reward and that I'm wasting time by sitting at my desk and painting, especially when I need to clean the house, plan for next year, practice music, or do something "productive."  On the other hand I know that creativity is important, and having an outlet and hobby is also important.  It's hard to find a balance sometimes.

Inspiration for the flowers, above, came from my evening walks around our neighborhood.

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