Thursday, June 11, 2015

Out and About || Our Neighborhood

We live in a small neighborhood.  Our street is right off a main road, but it feels secluded.  There is a housing development right next to us, but I hardly notice it because we have two very large lots in between.  The man who developed our area (duplexes) had planned to build on the entire road, but something came up and he left it only halfway done.  So now there are 5 houses on our side of the street and 6 houses across from us, and two large empty lots next door. We also have a pool house and a pool for the neighbors to share.  

We like to take evening walks down our road.  It dead-ends at a cotton field, and the sunsets are very beautiful.  They recently came and mowed the lots, but before they did, it was overrun with beautiful weeds and flowers.  I just thought I'd share some photos that I've taken.  Sorry they're not the greatest quality... all I have is my iphone right now.  A DSLR camera is on the list right after paying off our debts and getting a nice keyboard.


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