Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Try the World || The Paris Box

Hi guys,

I'm back with another subscription box review.  My first subscription box experience was with Umba - you can read about it here.  Soon after I signed up for my first Umba box, I decided to give Try the World a go.  I guess I was just in subscription-box-mode.  Just like with Umba, I've been getting the Try the World emails and newsletters for awhile.  I can't remember where I first heard about the company, but it intrigued me.  I never ordered it because it was a little expensive for me - $39 per box (+shipping).  But they sent me a coupon code, so I thought, "Why not?"

What is Try the World?
"Every 2 months, receive a box from a new country - with 7 gourmet products curated by expert chefs." (from their website)  You basically get to try food from a different country.  A fun idea, in my opinion.

 Here is what I found in my first box, the Paris box:

So to recap, I received a few tea bags, mustard, fig jam, a small box of, like, 3 cookies, pork paté, salt, and the "mystery treat" was a tube of chestnut spread.  I held them in my hand so you can get an idea of the size.  Some of the items (tea and cookies) are very small amounts.  The mustard, salt, paté, and fig jam are decent sizes.  The chestnut spread will last a long time, because I won't eat it.  Peter will enjoy it though.  (The box itself is quite sturdy and cute, so I will probably find a use for it!)

My initial thoughts?  Not worth the price.  However, after talking it over with my husband, and after receiving another discount code, we decided we would give it another try.  The next box will be from another country, so hopefully there will be some cool discoveries.  This subscription is once every two months, so we won't get our next box until December.  Again, whatever I don't use from this or the Umba box I will give to my friends and family for Christmas gifts.  ;)

I have to admit, these subscription boxes are kind of fun.  But not great for the bank account.  As I mentioned before, I will give Umba and Try the World one more month before I decide if I will cancel my account.  

Do you think you would like this subscription?

I have a referral link to share with you guys today*, if you want to give Try the World a go.  You will get $15 off your first box.  Click on the link for $15 off your first box (and I get $15 credit toward the e-shop):

*This post is not sponsored.  Try the World has no idea who I am or that I have a blog.   Every new subscriber receives a referral link to share with friends.


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