Monday, October 26, 2015

Exciting Collaboration with my Dad!

I'm excited to announce that my dad and I are going into business together... kinda....

Ok here's the story:

My grandpa always loved making ceramics and pottery. I always loved sitting with him in his shop, painting extra pieces he had around. My dad has since carried on the artistic gene, and even though he's a math and history teacher, he still finds time to work with ceramics.

My dad gifted me a set of these hand-made ceramic nativity people, and I treasure it. As a child my favorite thing about Christmas was setting up the nativity scenes. My mom had a large collection of nativity scenes made up of a wide variety of materials - from painted wood to clear glass. I loved setting them up around the house, and I was very picky about how they should be arranged (Wise men must be in a group! Shepherds must be with the sheep! Cows - stop trying to eat the hay out of the manger!). Now as an adult my favorite Christmas decorations are nativity scenes. I hope to have a collection like my mom's someday.

So now my dad and I have teamed up to well his hand-made ceramic nativity sets on Etsy.  Each nativity scene is hand poured, fired, and glazed by my father. 

These are delicate pieces of art. They would make lovely gifts. We also hope to add some more ceramic pieces in the near future - he has some beautiful pots and vases that he's been working on.

If you are interested in getting one of these nativity scenes for yourself or as a gift, check out our new Etsy shop.  We are called "DaddyDaughterCeramic":

Do you love nativity scenes as much as I do?


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