Thursday, December 17, 2015

10 Random Facts About Me

I haven't had any good ideas for blog posts recently... so I decided to just share some random facts about me.  I enjoy reading these types of posts from the bloggers I follow, so I thought you might enjoy reading this on my blog!


I only watch movies and read books that have happy endings.  I hate suspense, horror, or emotionally manipulative movies.

If I didn't study music I would have enjoyed studying linguistics, history, or art. 

I love brushing my teeth but I LOVE flossing my teeth.

Apparently I'm very blunt, but I really don't think I am!

My favorite place is the beach, but the jungle (rainforest) comes a close second.

I could eat chips and guacamole all day every day.

I get sea-sick from rocking chairs and swings.

I hate the sound of birds and whistling.

I love Bollywood movies.

I hate to cry and hardly ever do.  Maybe like once or twice a year if I'm really really stressed.

I've never broken any bones or had any major surgeries or been hospitalized for any reason.  Does that mean I'm not adventurous enough???  My life is too boring???

What are some random facts about you?


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