Monday, September 21, 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I've stolen this idea from Daydreams of Summertime.  :)

50 Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order

1. Pink flowers
2. Yellow Flowers
3. My doggie
4. A FRIENDS Marathon
5. Tea in the morning
6. Afternoon tea
7. Tea at any time of the day!
8. Brunch
9. A really good steak
10. Hanging out with my hubby

11. Doing absolutely nothing
12. Ralph Vaughan Williams
13. Airports
14. A clean house
15. Being organized
16. Pretty tea cups
17. A freshly stocked fridge
18. Sunsets
19. Ocean breezes
20. The smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls

21. Poetry
22. Spontaneous creativity
23. Good grammar
24. Bosom friends
25. People who understand where "bosom friends" comes from
26. Betsy-Tacy (and Tib)
27. Sunny days
28. Exploring new places with my husband
29. Finishing a tough project and knowing I did it well
30. My iphone

31. Instagram
32. Baby goats
33. Baby puppies
34. Renaissance music
35. Meeting another musician and having nerdy conversations about music history and theory
36. 1960s fashion
37. Freshly washed bedsheets
38. The feeling after a good yoga session
39. When my clothes fit
40. A really, really, really good book (I'm picky)

41. Canoe rides
42. Learning new languages
43. Beach vacations
44. Photography
45. Mild days, cool nights
46. Finding the best lipstick color
47. Long, hot baths on really cold days
48. Good hair days
49. Family
50. Sparkling water

Honorable mentions: My daily planner, Painting with watercolor, Funny movies, The color yellow, Easy DIY projects, My nieces and nephews, Singing in the Rain, Game nights with friends, Cheesy chick-flicks, and so on and so forth...

And I still have more to add!  So, what are the things that make YOU happy?

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