Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer Vacation Vlog #1

Here is the first installment of our Summer Vacation Vlogs!  We took a two week roadtrip and ended up in Michigan.  For the first part of the vlog we went to Nashville, TN to visit some friends.  It was pretty fun.  But I was a horrible vlogger and forgot to include shots of me explaining where we were or what we were doing as we were doing them.  So instead I had to insert a very flattering and not awkward at all narration... (can you sense the sarcasm?)  We got to do some sightseeing, but most importantly we got to spend quality time with my bff and some other awesome friends!

I wasn't able to vlog everything we did because some places didn't allow cameras and also we were having too much fun and I just plain forgot!

I hope you guys enjoy.  Look for vlog #2 coming soon!

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