Saturday, September 3, 2016

Whole Foods Haul Update || My new favorite product!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

Do you remember my Whole Foods Haul from this summer?  We don't have a Whole Foods near us (closest one is 3 hours away) so I tried to stock up when I was passing through on our road trip.  I now have an update to share with you.  I've loved everything I bought, but my favorite BY FAR was the Alaffia African Black Soap.  

This soap is awesome.  It truly is multi-purpose.  It's gentle on the skin and doesn't dry you out.  Peter uses it to wash his hair.  I use it as a body wash and shaving gel.  I love that it smells like peppermint but isn't a strong scent.  I also love that it is all-natural.  Luckily for us, I anticipated that we would love it, so I bought a large refill bottle!  We are going to need to refill it soon.  I know this is something we will repurchase and stock up on whenever we go to Whole Foods.  I'm sure you can find it other places as well.  I found the Tangerine scent on Amazon here: (affiliate link)

The other products are awesome and work how they're supposed to, but they're not as life-changing as the African Black Soap is.  The sunscreens are great because they're bad-chemical-free, the diffuser works fine and looks great, but I'm sure any other diffuser would work just fine.  The glass pipette bottles house Peter's beard oil, and the small plastic blue container did once hold coconut oil for ease of portability, but alas! my dog got ahold of it, somehow opened it up, ate all the coconut oil from inside, and chewed up the container... 

I plan to do a separate post on the Pacifica BB cream with a demonstration of how it looks before and after.  It's great as a primer and also to wear alone on "no makeup makeup" days.

So that's my update!  I highly suggest you try the soap.  It's awesome!


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