Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love the jungle

I love living in the U.S.A.  We have an easy life for which I am grateful, especially in the midst of all my health problems.  But sometimes I get in these moods where I just really miss the jungle.

I miss it.  All of it - the humidity, the foliage, the sounds, the rain, the views!  

I have loved every country I've visited, every experience I've had - Korea, Romania, Italy, etc, but I never just sit around and miss it like I miss the jungle.  Does that make sense?

Some photos of my 2010 trip to Peru:

(Don't you want to be on that hammock right now?)

We were on a canoe looking for alligators.  It was pitch black, but as you can hear, very noisy.  :) 

In a float-plane, landing on the river.

(This photo was taken by my friend, Ayumi)

(I don't miss the bugs)

Some photos of my 2004 trip to Panama (the first 4 photos were taken on a disposable camera and then scanned to the computer, hence the grainy quality):

View from the hotel in Panama... I highly recommend that hotel, it was amazing: Gamboa Rainforest Resort



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