Friday, May 25, 2012

Triangle Collage

I was inspired by a geometric collage I saw on the blog A Beautiful Mess.  So I made my own version of it.  I used pictures from when Peter was here and we visited the tide pools in San Diego.  I printed out pictures of really old postcards from the internet (on regular paper), and I used some fabric scraps I had lying around.  I also used some card stock as filler colors. 

Instructions:  Cut out an equilateral triangle (I googled a template), trace onto pictures, fabric, etc, cut out, line up and glue (I used mod podge) onto card stock or cardboard.  Cut to desired size.  Display.

I'm not satisfied with my result.  It just looks a little lopsided to me...  I'm also not extremely fond of the colors.  I do like how the ocean picture (top middle) looks in a triangle like that.  Kinda cool.  

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