Monday, May 7, 2012

Life Update - May 2012

To Remind You:

Life update as of March 2012


Current State of Health
All previous symptoms are still present, including: nausea, dizziness, consistently high body temperature, hot flashes, consistent hunger, occasional dizziness, tachycardia, fatigue, etc.  Symptoms are cyclical.

The Diagnosis
Through a giant blood test, my new doctor in San Diego, Dr. Adema, has determined that the cause of most of my health problems is due to elevated estrogen levels.   He actually thinks that the thyroid is to blame but it is being masked by the estrogen.  Once we get the estrogen levels back to normal the doctor believes the thyroid may present itself.  We will then be able to address that issue.  I also have low platelet levels.

The Plan
Dr. Adema is a regular M.D. but he likes to utilize homeopathic treatments as often as possible.  He has prescribed a strict diet (which is very similar to my gluten-free diet, only now I must also eliminate dairy and red meat) and I will also be taking supplements.  Platelets will be retested in a few weeks.  I will see the doctor again in June to evaluate my progress.

The Future
Dr. Adema is positive that I shall be feeling well very quickly and that I should be able to move back to San Jose and resume my studies in August.  As of now I am planning on moving mid-August.  School begins late-August.  I have 2 semesters left to finish my M.A. in Music - Choral Conducting.  I need to register for classes, apply for loans, find an apartment, find money to pay for said apartment, and/or find roommates!  Eeek!

Peter is moving to California in June.  Yay!  :)

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  1. Finally reading this and getting more details on what's going on with you health wise. I'll be praying that this works and that the root issues are found out!! Love you! <3


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