Monday, October 1, 2012

Destroy This Journal Competition Entry

If you've been reading for awhile you'll know that I have been participating in the Destroy This Journal competition.  This is my entry in the contest!  I hope you enjoy.


Art journaling has become my new "outlet."  I have always loved to journal but have always had a hard time being consistent.  I would write every day for a few weeks and then taper off until months would pass before I would write again.   But when you add the element of art (drawing, painting, collage, etc) I suddenly want to journal every day.  I think it is because there is an element of creating involved.  I don't feel like I am merely putting words on a page.  I feel like I am creating something special.  My art journal is also a place where I gather inspiration and figure out my personal style.  
When I journal, especially in my art journal, I like to create backgrounds and layer text on top.  My go-to medium is watercolor, with text overlay in marker or pen.  I particularly enjoy making borders and filling the insides with text. 

Lately I've been experimenting with collages.  I like the varying textures it provides.  I have been forcing myself to be messy on purpose, so many of these collages are held together with tape and staples.  I am trying to get out of my habit of wanting everything to be just perfect, and instead just get something on the page.  

Collage with scraps of watercolor, stickers, magazine, scrapbook paper, and pen.




Watercolor and pen

Watercolor and pen

Watercolor and pen

Watercolor and pen

Sharpee pen single-line drawing (one continuous line without lifting pen)

Sharpee pen (single-line drawing)


Sharpee pen

Watercolor, marker, and pen.

Collage with scrapbook paper and marker



Watercolor and marker

Scrapbook paper and marker


Do you have a journal or art journal?  I would highly suggest you give it a try.  You might surprise yourself with your creativity!  I know I surprise myself every day.  


If you have an art or inspiration journal, I would love to see samples of your pages.  I would even like to publish them on my blog.  Please send me an email or link... alonewithmytea AT gmail DOT com

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Great Work Julie! you blog is very inspiring. It is a treat to see glimpses of your creative mind.Keep up the Good work!

  2. You are so creative! I love your art! Beautiful job!

  3. that is really beautiful!


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