Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey, lady...

Messing around with macro photography!  I don't have photoshop on my computer so I add text and effects with  It's not ideal, but it gets the job done for now.  This is one of my favorite photographs that I've taken, and it was completely random and not planned.  I was showing a friend how awesome the macro lens is and this lady bug wandered by.  The only processing that I did was add text.  

Without text:

What do you think?  With text?  Without? 

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  1. I like it both ways. I guess it depends on what you're using the photo for. It would be a wonderful picture to frame and put in a room with black and red! :)


    text can be nice, although I wish the bug were more red because of the word red in the text.

    -Mrs. Pitts :)


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