Friday, October 19, 2012

Life Update

Better than before, but not great.  I've been getting headaches and feeling fatigued, but overall I'm surprised by how much energy I've been able to sustain throughout the day while I'm in classes.  However, once I get home from school, I crash.  

The trees on campus were looking particularly pretty a few days ago.

It's going!  The semester is already more than halfway over...  We have our Fall concert tomorrow (Choraliers and Concert Choir).  The second half of the semester is going to get super crazy.  I'm trying to do as much work now as possible so that I'm not swamped in the next few weeks.
We are studying Baroque performance practice, and on Monday I have to perform a Baroque piece with proper Baroque ornamentation.  I'm slightly nervous!

Peter got a part-time job at The Home Depot.  It's obviously not ideal, but at least it's something to bring in money while he keeps looking for something better.  We see each other every day, usually to have dinner together.  I've been making food and he's starting to realize that I'm a good cook.  :)  We are hopefully getting officially engaged soon and looking forward to a July (or possibly June) wedding.

We are attending Saratoga Federated Church, where my friend (and Peter's roommate), Joey, is the worship leader.  We have been making friends, and so far we both really like it.  Peter has been helping out the sound guys and helping Joey with the church's weekly newsletter.  I'm hoping to get more involved in the praise choir and possibly play violin in the worship band, but with school as busy as it is, I've been too exhausted to get there at 8am for rehearsals...

This is a view from the courtyard at church.  

I'm trying not to stress out about money.  I'm currently living off of loans.  Basically, here's what happened...  California is broke.  Which means that this year there was no money to give to the choral conducting graduate students.  When I was a student two years ago, I received scholarships, and I took out loans to pay for the amount the scholarships didn't cover.  I then used the remaining loans to pay for rent, food, gas, etc. This year I did not receive scholarships, tuition increased, but the amount of loans I can take out did not increase.  So I barely have enough money to cover rent, and basically nothing else.    

What I am most concerned about is next semester.  I have to conduct a recital (Faure's Requiem), which means hiring orchestra players, providing a meal or something to thank my volunteer singers, renting a venue, etc.  Plus, Peter and I are planning on getting married next summer (and weddings cost money...).  So, while I'm trying to keep my mind focused on finishing this semester and take one thing at a time, I can not help but worry a little bit about next semester and how in the world I will be able to pay for everything!

Faure's Requiem

I have a very part time job that gives me a couple hours a week, but I don't have the time or energy to find another job.  If you have any thoughts on how I can get more money, please let me know!!!

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