Friday, August 2, 2013

Flying in to Rio *and* Our Apartment

How we fly

 How to put on makeup in an airplane

Approaching Rio

Tired but happy

Our apartment complex

Another view

A tree in front of the complex

Living room: Before

Entry way: Before

One side of kitchen: Before

Other side of kitchen: Before

"Guest" room: Before

"Master" bedroom: Before (We have another wall of closets on the opposite wall)

Balcony: Before

View looking down from our balcony

 Another view looking down from the balcony:

 We have an ocean view!

This weekend we are going to the "hippie fair" and hopefully getting some home furnishings, such as rugs, baskets, a hammock, and random decor.  I'll post "after" pictures once we get completely settled in.  In the meantime, we managed to clean it up pretty good, rearrange the living room, and put away most of our stuff!

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