Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Julie and Peter's Honeymoon

"Are you gonna make a honeymoon?"

"Well, yes, Ryan, we're going on a honeymoon."

"Tan I have some?"

Hm, a moon made out of honey... sounds like a job for Gru...

We spent a couple of days in the cute, mountain town of Julian.
It rained a lot...

...So we stayed in our room most of the time.

Then we headed up the coast and enjoyed an amazing wedding gift... 2 nights in Dana Point!  The weather was perfect, the views were beautiful, and the food was delicious!  

(You know how I love macarons)

(We ate a lot of food!)

On our way home we decided to stop in San Diego and spend a couple more hours with my brother's family.  They were glad to see us before we left for Brazil.  We took a "cruise" on this fancy ship...

We had such a great time on our honeymoon.  The weather was perfect, we relaxed, and not once did I think about packing or moving!

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