Monday, August 19, 2013

Things you can send

If you (or your children) are interested in sending me a letter, I believe postage is fairly cheap.  Letters (or cards) are the best bet at actually arriving, whereas packages may get detained in customs.

If you are feeling generous, here is a list of things you can fit in a normal letter that shouldn't cost too much:

- Hair ties
- Bobbi pins
- Photos
- Postcards
- Stickers for my music students
- Small scrapbooking items (for my art journals)
- Sticks of gum
- Comic strips
- Jokes
- Small drawings or paintings
- Post-it notes
- Individual packets of CALM (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Amazon)
- Individual packets of Justin's almond butter (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Amazon)
- Individual packets of tea (I like Earl Grey and English Breakfast; both are difficult to find here)

I'm sure I will continue to think of things to add to this list, so keep checking back!

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