Monday, February 10, 2014

Daily Life - Part 6

(The other week I asked my sister what she thought about my blog.  She said she wished I would post more pictures of "daily life in Brazil."  I immediately thought, "I post tons of pictures like that!"  And then I realized that most of the "daily life" pictures are on Instagram.  So, in case any readers out there don't have Instagram, I'm going to post a serious of reviews.  If you already follow me on Instagram, these photos will be a repeat.  Also, some of these may have already been featured in previous blog posts, but I'm too lazy to figure out which ones, so they might also be repeats.)

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Part 2
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Boats in Paraty
My souvenir boat from Paraty

Red roofs in Sao Paulo
According to Peter, this was formerly the home of the man who discovered Brazil (Don Pedro), which is now a museum
Chocolate fondue

At a park in Sao Paulo (Parque de Independencia?)

Souvenirs from Campos do Jordao

The Swiss village, Campos do Jordao, in the state of Sao Paulo

Jungle-boy Peter, scouting out some shots
Beautiful view from our 6 hour bus ride from Sao Paulo to Rio

More from the bus window

Us on the bus


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