Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Swiss Village in Campos do Jordao, Brazil

I just realized that I didn't finish posting pictures of our trip to Campos do Jordão, Brazil, over New Years.  I posted about the wild hydrangeas, water lilies, and a video of our visit to a state park, but nothing of the actual Swiss Village!  So, even though this was over a month ago, here are the pictures!

Photo of bottle tops by Peter Arthur 
Carved Wood Sign
Christmas decorations over a doorway

Flirting with the nutcracker

It was wet from the rain, so we didn't want to sit haha. Awkward photo!

Chocolate fondue with fruit mixed right in

Adorable stray dog

I've never been to Switzerland, but now I really want to go!


  1. I LOVE IT!! It looks just how I imagine Switzerland to look like!!

  2. I have been to Switzerland, but this just seems so out of place to be in Brazil - it's adorable and makes me want to go THERE! So what's the story behind it? Why is there a Swiss village there?

    1. Nikki, I have heard that a lot of Swiss and German people migrated to Brazil and settled in the "mountains" where it is slightly cooler than the rest of Brazil. Apparently this town originally had a large Swiss population, and they still have a big music festival in the winter when it is cold. I didn't actually see any Swiss people there, but there were a ton of Swiss style buildings, even most of the housing communities had all Swiss designs. It was so cute, but yet seemed very out of place with all the jungly foliage everywhere!! :)


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