Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Parque Lage

I found some more pictures from our visit to Parque Lage about 6 months ago!  I don't know why I never got around to posting these!

Things to do (for free) at Parque Lage:
Have a picnic
Feed the monkeys (not sure if you're supposed to)
Explore the princess tower and the "caves"
Swing from hanging vines
Look at fishes in a small aquarium
Look at the beautiful art from the art school
And more - all while under the gaze of Christ the Reedemer.

The art exhibit that was on display while we were there
Parque Lage is right next to the Botanical Gardens (which we haven't been to yet).  It offers a nice reprieve from the hot Rio sun!




  1. Wow! Looks like an awesome adventure! We are stuck in Pennsylvania with 20+ inches of snow. yuck! What brought you to Rio?

    1. Hey Jenny, my husband was raised in Sao Paulo, so we were looking for jobs in Brazil. He got offered a position at an International School here. It turned out not quite what we were expecting (the job, not Rio, we love Rio) so we're probably moving back to the States in June! :/


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