Monday, April 14, 2014

Inner Dialogue

At this time, I only have music students in the afternoons, after 3pm (except for Wednesdays, when I teach a music class from 11am-12pm).  So my mornings and early afternoons are spent at home.  This has been my schedule since last August, so you'd think by now I'd have some sort of routine down.  But noooo.  Instead, here is what actually happens...

I'm pretty much a lazy bear


My Inner Dialogue

The Night Before
"I'm going to set my alarm, get up early, and tackle my to-do list!  I'm going to be sooo productive.  Peter will be so proud of me!"

The Next Morning
"Shoot, I overslept.  When did I even turn off my alarm?  I don't even remember that happening."

"Great, I don't have any groceries.  Why does that always happen?  I have so much free time, you'd think I'd be able to stock up on groceries.  Now what am I going to have for breakfast?  Actually, I should probably call it brunch at this point."

"Ok, 'breakfast' is made.  I'll just turn on this show and watch it while I eat.  Then, when I'm done eating, I'll turn it off and get productive." (Doesn't turn it off until the episode is done)

"I'm just going to take a quick glance at my blog feed."

"OMG where did the time go?  Did I really just spend 30 minutes on Bloglovin?  Ok, now it's really time to get productive."

"Ok, what should I do first?  I'll start writing some blog posts."

(Half-way through a blog post) "Oh I forgot, I need to put the clothes in the dryer." (Gets up and puts the clothes in the dryer)

"Back to blogging... ugh, I feel icky, I really need to shower." (Looks at finger nails) "I also really need to paint my fingernails.  They've been polish-free for a month now.  Get your act together, woman!"

"But I really should take a shower before I paint my nails.  But I need to exercise, too.  Ok, first I'll exercise, then I'll take a shower, then I'll paint my nails.  Let's see, what else should I do before I take a shower?  I should probably dust, vacuum, wash some dishes."

"It's 2pm and I've done nothing all day except eat some food, read some blogs, write half of a blog post, and think about all the things I need to.  Why does this always happen to me?  I'm the laziest person in the world right now."

"Ok, I'm going to get my rear in gear and exercise.  But I'm so hungry!  I need to eat again!  I feel weak!  But I can't exercise right after I eat!  I'll get stomach cramps."

"Ok, so first I'll eat, then while my food digests I'll write some blog posts, then I'll exercise, then I'll take a shower, then I'll paint my nails.  Of course, by then, Peter will probably be home, and he hates the smell of nail polish, so, once again, my nails will go unpolished for probably another month."

"Uggggh, I totally forgot that I really wanted to practice violin today."


Props to you if you read that whole thing.  I realize that it makes me sound so superficial and lazy, but, sadly, it is my life right now.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a follow-up post with some ideas and free resources that have helped me become more motivated and organized!

I also *finally* got the Petropolis pictures from Peter.  So I'll be sharing those soon!



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