Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shades of the beach

Peter would be annoyed at me for posting these without letting him edit them first.  But I think they are just lovely as they are.  This is how I remember that night at the beach.  Soft, pastel colors.  Diffused light.   Shadows and reflections.  I'm going to miss this.

All photos taken by Peter Arthur.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention... we are moving back to the States!  We arrive in LA on June 20th.  We will be heading back to my hometown to either stay for awhile (if we don't have jobs yet) or pick up our stuff and head out to wherever we get jobs!  There will be an entire post dedicated to why we decided to move and what our plans are.

We have a lot planned in the last two months of our time here.  We are going to Paraty again, making a quick trip to Sao Paulo for Peter's dad's birthday, Peter's going on a fishing trip with the other men, the school has a week-long camp to Isla Grande that I'm trying to decide if I want to attend, and then we pretty much have to think about packing up.  We also have to find time to see Sugar Loaf and go back to Petropolis...  

Exciting times ahead, so stay tuned!



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