Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Practicing music in an apartment

Practicing music in an apartment - how do you do it???

Obviously if you have a keyboard, you can put in earphones.  Violins have mutes (but, ugh, it's so annoying to practice with a mute on!).  What about singing???  I'm *supposed to be* a soprano, but I just don't feel comfortable practicing the high notes in my apartment.  We live on the 9th floor, with apartments directly to the right and left, below, and above us.  Plus we don't have air conditioning (except in the bedroom), so we keep all of our windows open throughout the day.  Which means most of the other condominium buildings around us also keep their windows open.  If I can hear the parrot from two condos over repeating "Mai" ("Mom") and the porteiros' and barzinhos' phones ringing all day long, then surely the neighboring condos will hear me singing!

So my question is for all those musical renters out there - how do you practice your music???  Do just have a "who cares?" attitude and do it?

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  1. For me, I have the same problem with exercise. Sometimes I want to do at-home work outs but need to be able to jump....which is a problem since we live on the top floor and it pretty much shakes the whole building. I hate it!


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