Thursday, June 19, 2014

A year of Rio de Janeiro

We are moving back to the U.S. tomorrow at 5am, so I thought I'd write up a recap of the past almost-a-year in Rio de Janeiro.  It's going to be a long post full of my favorite posts, so get ready!!! :)

We got married and 8 days later we moved to Rio.  (P.S. they never fixed anything...)

We started settling in and loved our ocean view.

We were so excited to live a mere 10 minute walk from the beach.

We didn't have a dryer and since we moved here during winter, it was too windy and rainy to hang our clothes outside...

We learned some interesting things about our new city and bairro.

We brought our wedding-present-juicer and immediately started having fun with it.

I figured out a way to fend off the loneliness.

We went on a birthday hike that left me sore for a week!

I posted this funny video and freaked out my family members.

We had a special guest for dinner.

I became obsessed with this trashcan.

We realized the true extent of Brazilian soccer obsession.

We loved having dinner at the beach, even if it was overcast.

We finally went to the hippie fair.

I found Portuguese to be really funny.

We went to Parque Lage - one of the most beautiful places in Rio, in my opinion.

We could spend hours just watching the kite surfers.  It's weirdly mesmerizing.


I noticed how many things grow on other things here in this urban rainforest.

I posted "life around here" with pictures from my instagram.

Spring in Rio was beautiful.

We fed some monkeys (which we really weren't supposed to do... what can I say... we live on the wild side).

I performed with the school choir for an after-school care program in one of the most famous favelas.

We went to Lapa and saw the aqueduct and the famous Lapa steps.

We captured a truly magical sunset.

Our Australian friends taught us a Norwegian game called "klop."

We explored a beautiful beach.

I had to walk by this every day.

We explored a very old church at the top of the Lapa steps.

We spent 3 1/2 wonderful days in Paraty.  We took a lot of pictures.  More pictures.  And some more.  And then we took some more pictures.

We loved the wild hydrangeas and water lilies in Campos do Jordao.

We loved vacationing in the beautiful mountains of Brazil.

I made a video of our time in Campos do Jordao.

I posted a series of "daily life" posts, as requested by my sister.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

I wrote about how to get a permanent visa in Brazil (if married to a Brazilian citizen).  Hint: Don't do it.

I finally posted more pictures of Parque Lage (6 months after visiting).

I never got bored of finding monkeys to photograph.

We had to visit the epic statue that Rio's famous for!

We had fun with our waterproof camera that we bought the day before we moved here.

We got searched by armed policemen...

We finally got a picture of the capybara that are supposed to be everywhere in our neighborhood, yet are very hard to find.

I wrote down some Brazilian "quirks" I've noticed.

Even though I'm scared of my balcony (long story), I braved it to get these cool pictures.

I got really used to kissing strangers.

I posted more pictures of our trip to Campos do Jordao (only a few months late - I'm on Brazilian time...).

I just loved driving through the Brazilian mountains.

The most adorable old man lived in our complex.

We visited a beautiful cathedral in Petropolis.

We captured another beautiful sunset, this one with pastel colors rather than fiery colors.

I realized that living abroad has made me more patriotic.

We went back to Paraty and got this pretty watercolor.

We splurged on some amethysts.

I became obsessed with these salad tongs.

Peter forced me to buy this necklace.

I almost got hit by a motorcycle.

I finally posted pictures of the bus terminal in Petropolis (a couple months late, as is my habit)...

I had several interesting conversations with my taxi drivers.

Don't worry, I have many more Brazil-themed posts planned for after we get back.  I still need to upload photos of our last beach trip, our time at Sugar Loaf, reflections on the year, and some other random stuff.  In the meantime, we leave in a few hours and I'm frantically trying to pack the rest of our stuff.  I'm hoping for a hassle-free trip, and I can't wait to eat real Mexican food soon!  



And since we moved here 8 days after our wedding, I had to post all of our wedding pictures...

 guest book (diy)

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